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Teething ?

Poor DS has been super fussy the past few days and I can now clearly see some white tooth buds under his gums on the bottom. I know all babies are different, but about how long from the time the white under the gum showed up did it take for the tooth to pop through the surface?

We're doing teething tablets, but would you also give Tylenol before bed if he also has a very low (99.2-99.6) fever associated with the teething? TIA!

Re: Teething ?

  • We saw the little white buds beneath the surface for a few days before they broke through. DS was only fussy the day before they cut through.

    We did Tylenol before bed but didn't start with teething tablets until just recently now that DS is getting his top 2. I would do the Tylenol instead of the teething tablets before bed. I'm not sure if you should do them together or not though.

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