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Outgrowing/growing into clothes

How do you manage your LO's growing out of certain clothes and into new ones?  I got so annoyed with having a bunch of onesies that are too big for my 7 week old mixed in with things that currently fit, so I put them all away.  But, how do I know when to bust those out again?  I moved all the 3+ things away and am nervous that there are things in there that don't really run true to size -- meaning i may miss LO's opportunity to wear them. 


Please tell me your systems!

Re: Outgrowing/growing into clothes

  • I have a 5 drawer wire dresser in the closet. Each drawer is a different size. When she outgrows something I pack it away in a tote to save for future babies!
  • I dont have a system. I put the too small clothes in drawers for the next baby. I scan the closet once a week or so to see if there is anything that might fit her. She can wear some clothes that are 3months and some onesies that are 12 months. Sizing is weird.
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  • I keep the 3 month stuff in one drawer and the six month stuff in another.  Even though DD is just two months, she is long enough to fit into six month sleepers.  If something fits, I move it up to the size drawer we are using.  I just try stuff on her at random to see if it fits.  Also once something is tight on her, I move it to a storage bin to make room for something else.  Good luck organizing!
  • I stack all of his onesies, pants etc that are the same size in his dresser drawers. Smallest sizes are in the front, larger sizes in the back.
  • All the stuff she's wearing now is in baskets on the shelves of her changing table. All her other clothes are hanging in her closet. I have four separate rods in there, so I have everything separated by size (ie, one has 6 mos., one has 9 mos., etc). I'll periodically go in there and look through the next size up to see what looks like it might fit soon.
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