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If you've found blood in LO's diaper

How much was it?  I think there may have been a drop in the dirty diaper I just changed, but it was such a small amount, I'm not sure that's what it was.  This is the first time this has ever happened.  DS is EBF and I haven't added anything new to my diet.

Re: If you've found blood in LO's diaper

  • I found blood in LO's diaper when he was about 3 weeks old. ?He was on antibiotics and that is what caused it. ?My pedi did say though that sometimes if they strain too hard to poop sometimes a little bit of blood can come out. ?I would check the next time or call your pedi in the morning.
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  • Weird, I've noticed a this in my LOs diaper in the last couple of days as well.  Once on Sunday and once tonight... I'm very interested to see the responses!
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  • DoubleDiamond found blood in her DD's diaper and it was a milk protein allergy but I'm not sure how much
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    DoubleDiamond found blood in her DD's diaper and it was a milk protein allergy but I'm not sure how much

    This is what happened to my DS when he was 2-3 weeks old. His poop was streaked though. It was very noticable! It was his formula. He was BF and I supplemented with Similac Early Shield and now he is just FF on Similac Alimentum. You should def call the pedi!!

  • my dd had this when we switched from breast milk to formula. she has a milk protein allergy and is on soy now. She has had it a couple times since though, and the ped said it may be from her straining while trying to have a BM. she gets really constipated and i guess straining can cause fissures.
  • I saw a few spots at 3 weeks and called the Pedi. They said not to worry unless I saw it again. I didn't see it again until 5 weeks and immediately following was explosive, runny, neon green stool. Her stool was tested and even when it wasn't visible, blood was present. She was diagnosed with the milk protein allergy. Re-tested a week into dairy-free and the blood was gone. Took two weeks for her stool to look normal though. In our case, the blood was due to the cows milk in my diet aggitating DDs intestines. I would call the Pedi and see what they say. I think the milk protein allergy is usually caught within the first month or two, so your LO seems a little late to just be showing symptoms. Good luck!
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