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Length of time for frozen BM

I have read conflicting information on how long frozen BM is good for. I read up to 3 months if it is the freezer that is with your fridge and then 6-12 months if it is a deep freeze that is at 0 degrees.

Now if my freezer that is with my fridge is constantly at 0 and not opened that often would the 6-12 month rule apply to me? It is a freezer on the bottom and the BM is in the pullout shelf on top. So even when we do open the freezer the shelf stays inside.

Re: Length of time for frozen BM

  • I finally went out and got a freezer thermometer(sp?) and mine is @ 0 or below so I don't plan on throwing any away at the 3-4 month mark.

    I rotate it anyways, but some sources are more careful than others with their dates.


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