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Baked Ziti always goes over well with my family and friends.  The Swedish meatballs I totally cheated on, I bought them frozen from Ikea, bought the powder for the sauce and the lingonberry jelly too! 

And another easy idea if you have a crock pot is pulled pork, you literally put it in the crock pot for 10-12 hours with 1 jar of your fav bbq sauce (I am not sure if you have a Famous Dave's near you but I used their Sweet and Zesty), after about 8 I used my fork to break the chunks into smaller pieces and removed the string from the pork and that was it - I left it on warm until I was ready to serve.  It was a huge hit at my DDs Baptism and I live in NJ where BBQ is not huge like it was when I lived in TN.  Oh, but have the butcher cut off the skin because that is the most disgusting thing ever - I actually did not eat it because of I cut it off myself!

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  • I was so wishing I could get to IKEA before the party to get those. We were just there on Sunday and DH was raving about them and about how he never gets them. Grrrr. Now I don't see being about to sneak there between now and the party. I did beef sandwiches in the crock pot for DS's birthday party. Costco sells some good big tubs. We have Famous Dave's here too though.

    I think the meatballs and ziti sounds perfect. Any good recipes for ziti? I've actually never made it before. Hard to believe since I come from a Sicilian family and cook all the time, but I believe I just realized I have never personally made it. For about 20 ppl do you think one pan is enough, or two pans? 

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