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roller coaster

last week was the happiest when we found out i was pregnant...this week is the saddest now that i'm losing the baby.  i'm in the process of a miscarriage and it is so draining.  i know you ladies all understand.  the cramps, blood, and crying.  my bf had red roses delivered to our house in hopes it would make me smile....but the last thing i wanted to see was more red.  how selfish is that of me?  waiting for more blood work tomorrow to see if my levels have dropped any more.  hoping the process goes quickly so we can begin to heal.....but part of me doesn't want my baby to leave.  i have a feeling it's going to be a long night.  any words of strength to get me through?

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Re: roller coaster

  • I am going through the same thing as you.  I had my d&c earlier today....and i had one about 5 month ago.  Me and my DH we're so looking forward to this all.  Its so heartbreaking, but we have to stay positive there is a reason as to why this is happening.  I am only 20 yrs old and it should be easier the younger you are right, but at the same time since this is my 2nd it scares me so badly.  We are going to wait a year or so and try again.  I cannot stand to go through this anymore right now.  I was recently married in July and it was the best day of my life to marry my best friend. Try to take it easy it is hard and i know this.  Try not to "try" so everyone is telling me.... take it easy god will gift us with our amazing gift. Hold in there. 
  • thank you :)  i do believe everything happens for a reason...it just seems hard right now to see the reason why we are losing what we had worked so hard to create :(  part of me wants to start trying asap, another part of me feels guilty for wanting to try again as if this one can be so easily replaced, another part of me is so scared of a repeat and i don't know if i can go through all the emotions/worry again (or put the bf through it again). 


    best wishes to you. 

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  • I wanted to try right after the 3 month that the doctor told me to wait.  I wish i would have waited a few more so i didn't have to go through all this again so soon!!  I am going to hold off for a little while and take it easy.  Your body needs to heal and they say after giving birth  wait about 6 month, i know thats a little different since its a full grown baby inside of you, but i think its best to let your body fully heal and things should work out.  God has a plan for all of us and someday our lives will be filled with joy when we get that little bundle of joy :)


    Best of luck to you as well !

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