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pumping question - the let down button???

I hope this question makes sense!
When I pump I generally prefer to do one side at a time - no real reason, just what I prefer, especially at work, so I can work one handed.
When I start pumping, it starts on the slow setting and then after a few minutes on that, it goes to the deeper suction setting - you know?  And I let it go until nothing comes out.  I do find that taking the pump off for a second makes more milk come out for a second of two.
OK, then I move to the next side and I just put the pump on.  I don't usually even turn it off between boobs.  So it starts on the left side on the deep slow setting, but gets milk out.  Do I NEED to push the let down button every time I start a new boob?
Does this question make any sense? 

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Re: pumping question - the let down button???

  • i double-pump, so this is just my guess. i'd think it would depend on whether or not your milk on the 2nd side starts to let down while you're pumping the 1st side.

    if it takes a while for the milk to start, i'd say yes, try the let-down button when you switch sides. that setting is supposed to be more efficient at getting things started.

    if it starts right away on the 2nd side, i'd say what you're doing sounds fine.

  • You will eventually let down, but if you prefer the button helps facilitate it quicker : )

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