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Emotional Rollercoaster - m/c and D&C last week

I went in at approximately 7 weeks (though my cycle is much longer than 28 days, so realistically closer to 5-6 weeks) with bleeding.  Consecutive blood tests showed my HCG levels had dropped from 7500 to 7200.  The doctor told me that it was 99.9% that I would m/c.  I felt horrible...  We had to do one more blood test to see if it continued to drop, but it didn't, it doubled to 14,000.  Now I was confused, slightly hopeful...  Did another u/s and the embryo was smaller than it should have been, but there was a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, the heartbeat was not strong...it would beat 3-4 times, then pause, then beat again.  Still...seeing the heartbeat...  Then I had to wait a week to do another u/s...the worse and longest week ever.  As soon as I looked at the screen, I knew...no hearbeat...and it had not grown in the past week.  Last week Tuesday I had a D&C.  I was glad it was over, but it didn't stop the emotions...one minute I'm happy and fine and the next minute I'm crying.  My husband and I are looking forward to trying again once we have the OK from the doctor, but I'm nervous...  We haven't told many people.  Looking for support.  Thanks.

Re: Emotional Rollercoaster - m/c and D&C last week

  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I don't post much, but this board has been very helpful for me.  This whole situation takes such a toll on our emotions.  It has been supportive to know there are others out there who had a situation just like mine or very similar to mine. 

    I know how you feel with the emotions, going up and down.  I have found myself that way too.  A week and a half ago, Friday the 18th, I found out I had a m/c and a D&C all in the same day.  While I am glad it all happened at once, it was also a lot to handle at once. 

    My DH and I are the same as you... excited to try again when we can but nervous too. 

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  • I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I had a very similar situation, and it is definitely an awful ordeal. I know that everyone grieves differently, but one thing that has helped me has been to talk about it with a few select people. Having a small circle of support has been so helpful in helping me feel that I have support & it's not hush-hush. I hope you find peace in the coming days and weeks. You're in my thoughts. {{HUGS}}
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  • I am so sorry!  I know how much the rollercoaster sucks!

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  • It has actually been getting better day-by-day.  Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and words.  Besides my parents and in-laws, we hadn't originally told anyone, but I just couldn't share with my mom because she felt so bad for me already.  I ended up telling two of my close girlfriends and one of them had gone through something similar and could really understand.  I agree that being able to talk to her really helped.  We have our 2-week follow-up appointment (after the D&C) in 3 days.  I believe the doctor said we should wait one cycle to start trying again and that my body would know when it's ready.
  • eb1113 - I can't imagine what a whirlwind day that must have been for you...  I'm very sorry for your loss as well and wish you the best.  Hopefully you and I will both have good news soon.
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