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Are Target diapers really that good??

Right now we do Costco. They price out at 21 cents a diaper. The 82 pack of the Target diapers price out to about 17 cents, which is quite a difference! I am tempted, but we are happy with costco and haven't had any blow outs.

If you use them, can you 100% say they are worth it? We use Pampers Cruisers at night, and won't change that.




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Re: Are Target diapers really that good??

  • We switch back and forth between Luvs and Target Brand.... It makes no difference to me. I really like them, but sometimes Luvs are cheaper w/coupons. 

    When the kids were littler, I did like Huggies best.  

  • We have used the Costco ones and while I think they are great we use the Target brand for our daytime diapers and are very happy with them. You should just try buying a small pack to try them out. The Target ones run a little bigger than the Costco ones. DD wears a 3 in Target brand but would probably need a 4 in Costco... so that makes the Target brand even cheaper.
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  • we've been using the walmart brand during the day the past week and i really like them - i just wish that they had the pee line like pampers do.  i've also tried the target ones but they are still a little too big for DS right now. 

     the target ones do seem like they are a little nicer than the walmart ones and they are only about 50cents differnce in price.


    i would give them a try and see if they work for you.  

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  • I also do Luvs or Target ones typically during the day, and Pampers Cruisers at night. I like the Target ones just fine. Never had a a blow out or leak in them so far. A small pack is like $7, so I'd definitely give them a shot!

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  • I really like them--never any problems! Knock on wood. haha
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  • Of the times I've used sposies, I liked Target dipes a lot! My only complaint is the design (the blue and green dots are SO dark that they show thru light clothes), but besides that they were great!
  • I really like the Target brand.  I ordered some of them online after a recommendation from a co-worker with 4 kids (I figured if anyone knows diapers they do).  With various coupon codes I was able to get 4 boxes of 92 diapers each for $42.  I thought that that was a great deal.  I was also very pleased with the quality.  I'll keep buying them.  I do agree with Mrs M&M that the design shows through light clothing.
  • They are pretty good.  I would say they are almost as good as Pampers Baby Dry.  I wouldn't use them at night though, but fine for daytime.  I had tried the old Target diapers and didn't like them at all, but the new Up & Up diapers are much better. 

    Unfortunately Target nor Pampers fit DS well right now, so we're using Huggies.  I wish they had been around before though, because he used to only be able to wear Pampers.  I could have saved alot of money!


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  • We are giving them a shot, I just bought some last night for daycare.  They seem pretty nice just looking at them though.  They do look like they run large though. 
    My sweet boy :)
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