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Perinatologist Recc for Boston?

Hi ladies,

We are currently in Minneapolis, but might have to relocate to Boston for inpatient status during the later part of my twin pregnancy due to some complications amd the fact that DH's job is actually in Boston but he just travels there currently.  It will be easier on both of us if I can just be in Boston instead of here, that way he won't have to travel. 

 My peri here is going to look for a Boston peri - but if any of you can recommend one, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Also, if anyone was put on inpatient status and you can recommend your hospital, that is appreciated too.  Feel free to send a private message. 



Re: Perinatologist Recc for Boston?

  • I don't have a name but a friend of mine used one at Brigham and Women's in Boston. She really liked them and delivered there too. Good luck!
  • You should go see Dr. Bruce Cohen. He is in brookline an associated with Beth Isreal (617) 754-5550 - 1 Brookline Pl, #123, Brookline, MA. He came highly recommended to me and He was great.

  • My MFM perinatologist is excellent.  Her name is Dr. Platek and she works out of Brigham and Women's and also out of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. 
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