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Is this nipple confusion? Please help!

I pump during the day at work so besides mornings, nights and weekends DD gets a bottle (we also supplement when needed with formula).  For the past few weeks she has been latching on fine and I will feel a let down but after a few minutes (where I can hear/see her swallowing) she will pull off, cry, latch back on, pull off, cry, etc.  Often I just end up giving her a bottle of formula b/c she gets so frusterated.  I try burping, and sometimes that does the trick, but then she will latch back on and the same thing happens.  Is my baby only wanting bottles now?  FWIW, she nurses just fine for her middle of the night feeding (usually around 2am), but every other time it seems like a fight.  Also, when I do pump I get anywhere from 3-5 oz (depending on time of day)...and there are times when she pulls off that I see the milk laying in and around her mouth so I know it's there.  Any ideas or advice???

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  • I'm the opposite; baby gets breast most of the time and bottle sometimes, but she would go through similar stages.  For a while (only with the right breast) she would latch, eat a little, look around the room, cry, latch again, etc.  Then that stopped and last week she would just cry and cry and didn't want the breast so I would give her a bottle before she went to bed.  I was worried about nipple confusion, too.  However, nothing was really consistant.  I think in my case, she wanted a fuller boob...she didn't want to work for the milk (even though it was coming out...i don't think it was flowing out easily).  I started making it a point to drink more water and right now everything is going well...knock on wood!  Just go with the flow.  If she fusses to the point that it's frustrating to you both, just give her the bottle and pump like you've been doing.  Everything you're describing sounds normal to me.  The only thing I can say is try drinking more water.  Good luck!

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  • I had the exact same problem this morning.  We just introduced a bottle the other day.  I think I agree that she just doesnt want to work for it.  I know I'm not drinking enough water so I'll try that.
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  • DS does the fussy on and off thing, too, and he is literally EBF...he won't take a bottle or a pacifier so it's obviously not nipple confusion in our case!
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