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did anyone refuse the PCVC for their baby?

My friend is worried to give her babies the PCVC? Should she be worried?

Re: did anyone refuse the PCVC for their baby?

  • not familiar with that acronym...what is it?
  • It replaces the iv's that the baby is hooked up to. I really am butchering this I know but she asked me to post this for her.

  • PICC line?  DS had one.  It is a simple procedure to put in and allows the IV's to be in a central location rather than having to find new veins all the time.  Why doesn't she want it? 
    Kelly, Mom to Noah 8.27.05 (born at 26 weeks)
  • Can we have some more details? Are the babies still in the NICU? Or do they want to do a PICC line to send them home (our drs tried to get this approved for us when DS was in the PICU). I'm not sure why a PICC line would be any worse for the babies than an IV? I think it is actually a lot more stable and less difficult for the veins to handle.
  • Are you asking about a central line? 

    That's a permanent IV inserted into the chest through a minor surgery.  We opted to get one for my daughter (29 weeker) because her veins were too small for them to get a PICC line in - they tried 7 or 8 times - and rather than continuing to stick her, or risking having a vein collapse and them without IV access, we opted for one.

    We only needed it for about the first week of life and then she was stable enough to have it removed.  She has a minor scar (maybe a half inch) on her chest because of it.  It was a difficult decision that needed to be made at around day 2 or 3 when my head was still spinning from the surprise of an early birth, but looking back I still think it was the right call becuase it was the best way to keep her safe.

    Apologies if this rambing message wasn't even what you were asking about!  (Lurker heading back to hiding now...)


  • Thank you everyone ! I guess she was just nervous because she's a new mom to 2 beautiful little things, and called me for help. I knew I can count on you girls.
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