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How do you organize the misc. stuff you have?

Where do you store the items you don't use often or the things that are seasonal? And still remember where you stored them so you don't buy repeats when needed again?

I have got to get things more tidy and organized around here I'm about to lose it! We have crap like swimming pool inflatables, and the air mattress we may use once a year, surge protectors.  What the heck do you with all the old mail, coupons and random papers you're not ready to use?

My mind is scattered, like this clutter! LOL! I have no idea where to start...(am I a hoarder?)

Re: How do you organize the misc. stuff you have?

  • I don't think keeping those kinds of things makes you a hoarder, you do use them, but just seasonally or whatever.  I'm not a hoarder, and still have trouble with controlling and organizing paper clutter, old baby clothes (or clothes that are rotating from my oldest to youngest son's closets), etc.  As for storage, we do have a large basement, which I have been working on organizing lately.  I've got it down to the things we want to keep mostly, and just trying to figure out how to effectively keep it (like old baby items - we want to have another baby, but we don't need it for the moment).  Do you have shelving units in your garage, basement, attic, whatever?  I recently purchased these large canvas bins for my pantry, and it made a big improvement - there's now a particular place for plastic (ziplock bags, garbage bags, saran wrap, etc), another one for grocery bags (we use them for dirty diapers and dog poop), paper plates, napkins, utensils, a snack bin, a pasta bin, etc.  Much easier to contain things in there, and find them!
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  • I am a huge believer in everything MUST have a place.  If it doesn't have a place, it doesn't belong in my house.  Seasonal items go in large clear rubbermaid boxes.  I label them (Fall Decor, Christmas Decor, Ornaments, Summer Toys, etc) so I know what I need to pull out each season.  I store all the boxes in the basement or the attic.  Air mattress is stored on the floor of our linen closet so it's right there with the sheets/blankets when we need it.  I also use this system for Gavin's baby clothes, toys, etc.  So we can easily sort through them whenever we have another baby.  We have an entire closet under the stairs dedicated to baby items... and it's pretty darn full already!

    As for little things like mail, magazines, etc.  We have a little 2 part organizer on the sideboard in our kitchen.  The front part is for bills to be paid, the back part is for things that have already been paid and need to be filed away or shredded.  I do a big filing/shredding session about once a month.

    I also have a fairly strict 1 year use or lose rule for most items in my house.  If I haven't touched the item in a year or more, it must go.  This has been especially helpful in controlling the size of our wardrobes.  The exceptions to this rule are decorative/seasonal items, baby items (in case we have another), and some of DH's "toys" that he won't let me get rid of.  I just kind of go through the house every few months looking for yard sale items and send them to my grandmothers house.  She loves having yard sales and everyone just brings their junk over there and she sells it for us :-)  Clothes just get dumped in one of those charity boxes.






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