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I think I recognize your baby...Do you happen to recognize mine? :)

Re: ***iucarrie***

  • I do...and he's a cutie :)  I didn't realize you were on here!!
  • I am not usually, but was procrastinating at work and was reading a post and came across your pic...I stopped for a minute and thought, I know that little girl and her pretty eyes!

    I'm glad I found you on here though. I wish I could talk to the other daycare moms and dads more! Does E like the new place? 

  • I know...we only see each other coming and going.  I've thought about having a get together one night so we could all get to know each other more.  Maybe we should do that!

    E loves the news place...does your E like it?  She has been taking longer naps and really exploring.  I think it's great.

  • I would love to do a get together! I am going to host an Usborne book party on Nov. 4th, too, and I was going to have J let everyone know they are welcome. So now you know ahead of time. :) But we should definitely get people together one way or another!

    My E loves it too! I wish his naps were longer but he's so stuffy that he's having trouble sleeping this week. He definitely takes awhile to adjust to change. The new space is really great, though!

  • I love Usborn books so please give me the details and I will be there!
  • I definitely will! I am working with the rep to get the details together next week and then I'll let you know. Yay!

    I'm sure you're headed out soon to get E, so have a great night! I will not be doing pickup tonight but maybe I will see you later in the week. :) 

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