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What do you call a pacifier?

Paci, binkie, etc???

 We call it a me-me.  We call it that b/c my nieces called it that name when they were little b/c we'd always say give it to "me" and they thought it was named it a me-me.

I'm bored - can you tell?

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Re: What do you call a pacifier?

  • DH and I call it a paci.  My MIL calls it a puggy and that drives me NUTS!!!!
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  • We say either pacifier or binky. Binky has now become "binkers" to me.
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  • Paci - DH likes binky better, but, he calls it Paci now since I do ;)
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  • image crabapple:

    My mom's friend was telling me that for her youngest daughter, they called it oolie, ooly (sp) 

  • Pacifier or paci. Jeremy likes binky and I don't know why, but I absolutley HATE calling it a binky!
  • me and my brother used to call it a "nook," but when my sister came along, she called it a "rock" ... our family thought it was so funny!

    it's fun to hear all of the different names for it Smile 

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  • My sister was friends with a kid who went by Nug, he al2ways wanted Nuk pacifiers.  His parents started calling him that and it stuck.  Through the years it evovled to Nug.  He was even called that at graduation.

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