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9/11 baby

  I went into the hospital Sept. 10th at 7pm to get induced. I got all set up and the nurse said that I was contacting every 5 mins so they couldnt induce me. I was in the hospital all night, and I began to contarct every three mins- only problem was i couldnt feel them, and they werent changing my cervix :(

  The next morning (Sept. 11th) I was only 1 cm and the doc broke my water. One hour later I got an epidural, 45 mins later I was at 10 cm..20 mins later my son was born!

  It was the best labor anyone could ask for I think. It all went so fast, and I didnt feel a thing! No pressure, nothing! They didnt even have to cut me..



Re: 9/11 baby

  • Wow! That is like the prefect birth story! Congratulations!!!
  • What a great story. Sounds like you have a little firecracker there. Congratulations!
  • I'm so jelous!  Congrats on your cute baby!

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