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Snack Times and Glucose Daily Testing.

Hi I posted this thread on 3rd tri and figured you gals would be able to assist.  Thanks so much!!!!

 It seems like I'm testing all day long!  Is this normal on how I feel at first? Like every couple of hours?

Thank you.

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Re: Snack Times and Glucose Daily Testing.

  • I test 4 times a day, fasting, 1 hr after each meal. I'm not supposed to test after I snack.
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  • i test 4 times a day (as soon as i wake up, 1 hr after breakfast, 1 hr after lunch and 1 hr after dinner)

    doesnt feel a lot -you kind of get use to it.  the first week did seem annoying but after that it became natural.

     Just read your OP from 3rd tri...

    i think if you are testing after 2 hours it's a lot harder to snack since i sometimes snack right after i test.

    here is my schedule.

    fasting test @ 5:30 am
    Snack (1/2 banana) @ 6am (on the way to work)
    breakfast @ 8 am - test @ 9
    snack @ 10ish
    Lunch @ 12 pm - test @ 1pm
    snack @ 2 pm (sometimes another one at 4 pm
    dinner @ 7 pm - test @ 8pm
    snack @ 9:30 (right before bed)

    Note - i have to snack A LOT! b/c i dont get enough calories throughout the day (being a vegetarian) so my doc told me to sometimes have 2 or 3 snacks between hour or two from each other.

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  • Your dietician or doctor should have told you when to test and when to eat.

    Mine told me to test right before I eat my snack, but if I am delaying my snack a bit I still test at 2 hours after my last meal (timed from the first bite).

    I never thought much about how much I test. I do feel like I'm eating all day long though!

    - Jena
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