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Worried I might have just screwed myself re insurance

Short version is I was dx with a ton of clotting disorders when I was hospitalized with HELLP.  Six weeks later - I basically tested negative for everything. 

My MFM is treating me as if I do have clotting disorders (with Lovenox), but for a whole variety of reasons I just can't help but wonder if the clotting disorders "came back", i.e. if I am again positive for all these things.  We had a long talk about how he would not change my course of treatment based on this knowledge (mostly, he wouldn't increase my Lovenox above my current 1mg/kg), but he understands my reasons for wanting to know and so ordered the tests.

*If* this pregnancy w/ Lovenox therapy is actually successful, I will want to do this same treatment next time.  So - *If* my blood tests come back negative - did I screw myself in the future?  In other words, any thoughts on whether I will have a hard time getting a dr. and insurance to agree to doing Lovenox therapy again? 

Geeze, I'm not making any sense  Embarrassed 

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