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4 weeks left of this pg and I'm uneasy about something

But what it is I can't tell you.  Because the doctor is considering me high-risk I have been going every week to my midwife for the past 8 weeks to do NST.  Two weeks ago the baby's hr drop significantly twice and today the baby wasn't cooperating at all.  Even after a couple juices and the buzzer thingy the hr was still pretty stagnant (138-144ish). Because of these issues I've had two additional ultrasounds to confirm everything looks fine, which supposedly it is. 

I'm trying my darndest to stay calm and collected but that little voice in the back of my head is getting louder and louder.  Part of me wants to be induced just to get the baby out and make sure everything is okay.  But I probably won't if they suggest it because I'm afraid that if there is something wrong, a couple more weeks cookin' will make him/her even stronger.  Ugh- this delivery cannot come soon enough.

vent over.


Re: 4 weeks left of this pg and I'm uneasy about something

  • Sorry you are so anxious!  I'm with ya though - its such a stressful process!!  Even good u/s can't calm your fears!!  :)  Its nice they are monitoring you closely though & that should lend some piece of mind.   I think after our 1st babies we just have such a huge fear of the whole experience!!!  Its like PTSD!  I constantly worry, is she kicking enough and so on and so forth.  But just think, it won't be long!!! 

    I'm saying a little prayer for you and your LO that all will go well and like PMQ you'll have a wonderful delivery & healthy child.  I think her story is so inspiring!!  I'm wishing you all the best!! 

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  • Good luck to you EM.  I hope everything is just perfect and your LO will arrive safe and sound.  I agree w/ Pierce...it is like PTSD!  I had the CVS test done with this baby, and everything looked great, but I still feel worried that something will go wrong, and we won't get this baby or she won't be healthy when she is born.  Trust your instinct and if you are worried, question you docs.  Big hugs!
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  • wishing you th ebest of luck

    I think I would feel the same way you do about wanting to induce, I hope that the next 4 (or however many wks) go by a little smoother for ya.

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