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what is all the hype with....

front loading washing machines?  our washing machine just broke this week and so we're shopping around.  I know everyone seems to be all in love with their front loaders but I just don't understand what the big deal is?   please explain!

Re: what is all the hype with....

  • From what I understand, they use far less water/energy and require a special HE detergent (due to the less water).  You just need to keep the door open to the washer to let it air out and it won't get smelly. 


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  • I think the front loaders used to be hand in hand with being high efficiency, but we have an HE washer and it is a top loader.  I like that so much better than front loading.  I don't understand the hipe of the front loader either!
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  • It also prevents your clothes from getting all wrapped up around that spinner thing in the middle.

    We have an LG front loader washer/dryer combo and love it--that's the one in Oakhurst...down here we have just a regular washer and dryer and everything keeps getting tangled.

  • I can wash at least 3-4x more in one load with my front loader. There is no agitator (?) in the middle taking up space like in a top loader. Another bonus in addition to the energy/water efficiency is that after the spin cycle, the clothes are sooooo much drier coming out of the front loader so they take 1/2 the amount of time in the actual dryer.
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  • My next washer won't have an agitator.  It drives me nuts. 
  • FYI.....My top loader HE washer does not have the thingy in the middle either.
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  • I have a top loader HE washer that does not have an agitator.  Its great!  Love it!!!!! 
  • What I remember.....easier on clothes and more energy efficient, use less water.  The price has really gone down since we were looking, I would buy front loading if I needed on e now.
  • We bought ours for these reasons:

    1. Uses less water  ( 14 gal vs 40+)

    2. Heats its own water

    3. Offers a "sanitize" wash (great for when I have bloody clothes from work)

    4. Uses less detergent (u can use regular detergent and just put less in)

    5. I'm short and cannot reach into a top loader without a step stool (at least for the bottom)

    6. I LOVE my storage drawers...the fact that I don't have to bend over (pregnant or not, I have a bad back) to get my clothes out is AWESOME

    7. Works amazing on my cloth diapers!

     We have the Whirpool Duet....

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  • I dream of having a regular washer and dryer one day ... front-loading, top-loading, I don't care.
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  • We bought a set of LG front loader washer/dryer and honestly I hated the washer. It was such a PITA to keep the front where the door opens from getting moldy and seriously grossed me out. We ended up selling them and bought a set of top loader machines with a washer without the agitator and I'm so in love with them.
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  • I have a top loader, and it does not have an agitator, and it is high-efficiency.  Didn't want the front loader, b/c honestly I hate leaning over to get the clothes out of the dryer!
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  • I have a front loader, it works fine, looks much cooler (blue color) and supposedly it is more energy efficient but I still hate doing laundry and still refuse to do a load of wash until I am down to only thong underwear that are clean.  So, I must agree, I don't know what the hype is despite owning one!
  • you can't open the washer on the front loader if you forget to put something in.  I am always adding one more thing to my washing machine!

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