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? for Ds parents

Did any of you have soft markers throughout your u/s?  Did the bloodwork tip you off to your diagnosis?  Or was anyone completely surprised at birth?

My levels are twice what they should be for someone my age and without any soft markers, I'm trying to stay positive.  I have had an eery feeling all along that something would be different about my child, so I guess that's the reason for my post.


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Re: ? for Ds parents

  • I basically had the same situation as you.  The numbers for DS from my NT scan were twice as high as what they should be at my age.  We did not have any markers in any u/s and I decided not to any futher testing as we would not change the outcome of the pregnancy if he did have DS.  I had my baby 7 weeks ago and he does not have DS.

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  • had a positive afp with no markers found refused the amnio so found out at birth my son (ryan) was born with Down syndrome.
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  • ...technically i'm still in the normal range, and they gave me a negative scan, just still scary to hear that i was higher than expected.

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  • No soft markers so we were surprised at birth. I'm 32, so while our doctor advised us of the amnio option, we opted against it because of our U/S results so we were surprised at birth.
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  • I am 30, soon to be 31 and I recieved 1:5 odds from 1st trimester screening. Had a level II ultrasound and no markers were found and our NF was back in the "normal" range. Ds was confirmed via amnio.
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  • Did not have official testing done but had no signs other than increased amnitoic fluid (it's called hydro something or another) which can be a sign of a genetic disorder. I was always measuring "ahead"
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