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Is this playing?

When DS lies on his back and kicks his feet and waves his arms? He seems content (not fussy) but I'm not sure.

He does this in the bath, too.  So I think it's playing or enjoyment.



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Re: Is this playing?

  • Ada does this whenever she gets excited. It's accompanied by the wide eyes, baby pant, and some vocalization.The bath is especially exciting!! I think she figured out that she can make the water splash!
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  • As long as he doesn't seem upset I'd consider it playing. M does that a lot, accompanied by babbling when he's playing and whining when he's hungry/wet.
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  • Yup, thats playing.  G is playing in her crib right now.
  • oh yeah, definitely playing and somewhat communicating too!  It's too cute !!!
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  • I think it is a combo of playing and working on motor control.  If he seems content, go with it.  DD usually vocalizes fussy pretty clearly, even if the motions match happy activity as well.
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