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~~Bed Rest Mama's Wednesday Check in~~

(I though I would post the check-in today, and may be able to do it for a few more days, but I will likely have my baby early next week.)  Here is a list of nesties who can commiserate together during bedrest. Nothing better to do, right? Share your story, progress, news, and any ideas of how to keep yourself busy. Check in will occur each day on the High Risk Pregnancy Board in the mornings.

Post back with your info if you?d like to be added to the list!We have quite a few new girls! Welcome! QOTD:  What is the one baby item you can't live without, or, if this is your first, you think you will be unable to live without? Name: Mrs.BabbsyEDD: 10/13/09 Mono-di twin GIRLS:)
Type: Full bedrest with shower and bathroom priveleges
Since: 5/20                                                                                
Reason: Preterm Labor, shortening cervix and baby B is 18% behind.

Name: Lucky428
EDD:  10/13/09
Type of BR: Modified
Reason: small placental tear

Name: Realisticdreams8
EDD:  11/9/2009
Type of BR: Modified, Basically House Arrest and stay off my feet
Since when: May 29, 2009, 16 weeks 4 days
Reason: spotting, cramping/pain from marginal placenta previa
Name: 2baclark (Shanika)
EDD: 11/10
Type of BR: Modified bedrest. Can get up to use the bathroom, shower and brush teeth
Since when:  5/19
Reason: Incompetent cervix.

Name:  mrsjrmiller (Arika)
Due date:  October 21
Since when:  22w 5d (June 22)
Type of Bedrest: Strict, can shower, use bathroom obviously go to my appointments... 9/02/09 - Hospital bed rest till Lauren is here... :(
Reason:  preeclampsia

Name:  Jen (Jen*Johnson*)
Due date:  October 29th
Since when:  20w (June 12)
Type of bedrest: Modified... I am allowed to do what's necessary to watch my 9 month old but I need to be laying most of the day still. 
Reason:  Low Amniotic Fluid.Name:  Francisca
EDD:   10-25-09
Type of BR: Hospitilized, bed pan and IV until either 32 wks or I stop contracting and re-efface a little
Since when: 07/7/09
Reason: pre term laborName: Jessica (JessandJeremy)
Type of BR: Modified  
Since when: 7/18/09
Reason: PT ContractionsName: Jessica-Kay
Type of BR: Strict (up to use bathroom and shower)
Since when: 7/11/09 (29 weeks 6 days)
Reason: PT Contractions and positive Fetal Fibronectin test.Name:  mefsta777
EDD: 1/4/10
Type of BR: Modified, no more than 30 minutes of sitting or standing, no leaving the house
Since when: 7/31/09
Reason: "threatened miscarriage" and placental abruptionName:  megan (megsok11)
EDD: November 11, 2009
Type of BR: strict - only quick shower, bathroom, food, and doctor appt.  hope to get modified BR after 28wks, but i know i won't be able to go back to work.  Getting 17P injections from home health weekly until 36wks, and received betamethasone injections at 24wks.
Since when: July 14, 2009 (23wk 0d)
Reason:  one episode of spotting, vag US showed cervical funneling.  no risk factors, first pregnancy, no spotting since that one timeName: Angeline924
Type of BR:
 strict bedrest. Can get up to use the bathroom, shower( 5 min every other day)
Since when: 
 7/30 22w3d
 Incompetent cervix, I was dilated 2 cm w/ bulging bag at last appt, had an emergency cerclageName: Cindy (Timmylulu)
EDD: 10/16
Type of BR: wasn't specified but for the next week I can use the bathroom, shower, make lunch, go to dr. appointment and my baby shower this weekend
Since when:  8/7 (29w 6d)
 History of loss at 21 weeks, reason unknown, but I went into labor early and baby boy was too young to live. This pg I have been getting P17 shots weekly starting at 16 wks and biweekly us starting at the same time. At my visit last week my cervix shortened from about 30-31 to 29 but when pressure was applied it went to 27 so dr. wants me off my feetName: Mandy (mandyunc2003)
EDD: 11/10 (more realistically, 10/13-10/27 since it's di-di b/g twins)
Type of BR: Strict!  Allowed to get up for restroom breaks and meals only.
Since when:  8/6 (26w 2d)
 Went from 3.7cm to 2.4cm within 3 weeks, and Baby A (girl) is only in the 9th percentile for weight (1 lb 11 oz).  Baby B is doing great and checked in at 2 lbs (45th percentile), so I'm ordered to eat every 3 hours and make it fattening :)   Name: Erica (ericacathryn)
EDD: 1/29/2010
Type of BR: Modified, but this was explained as only getting up for meals and bathroom breaks.
Since when:  8/5 
  Subchorionic hematoma that keeps getting bigger. Name:Sarah
EDD: 9/29
Type:hospital with bathroom rights and one 30 min. 
wheel chair ride a day
Since When: 8/5 @ 32 weeks 
Reason: mild pre-e with previous late loss so they want me closely monitored.Name: JustMeg8378 (Megan)
Just released from hosp. sent home on strict BR with bathroom/shower privleges
Since When: 
7/31 at 28w1d
Pre-EclampsiaName:  MrsDeLaVara
EDD: 11/06/09
Type of BR: Strict - Hospital until delivery.. can get up to pee and that's about it.
Since when: 08/10/09
Reason: Water broke on 08/10 at 27w3d.Name:  retroeva (Eva)
EDD: 18 Oct 09
Type of BR: Modified Couch Potato ;)
Since when: 17 Aug 09
Reason: GD, dizzy spells, and pre-term contractonsName:   mhenry (Marisa)
EDD: C-Section scheduled Dec 16, 2009
Type of BR: Bedrest while still taking care of my 2 yr old w/ help (for now)
Since when: August 10, 2009 (21 weeks)
Reason: High Blood Pressure. The doctor is being pro-active due to me having my son Cameron at 29 weeks from Pre E.Name:  Jenn (JennRN65)
  10/31/09 (undecided whether scheduled induction or C/S at 38 weeks)
Type of BR:
  Modified, bathroom and shower priviledges, can cook for myself, dr.'s appts, and pre-natal classes/baby shower as long as I sit
Since When:
  8/14/09 (28w, 6d), though on 8/7 my work hours were cut in half and I was told to do nothing at home
Contractions, Dizzy spells when upright, GD, 2 clotting disorders, and history of Pre E, PTL, 3 abruptions (one of which was a full term still born), and 3 m/c.Name: Hipstrix (Chrissy)
EDD: October 9, 2009 but c/s scheduled for October 2nd
Type of BR:  Modified.  I had to stop working and now I'm basically supposed to listen to my body and "take it easy" which, right now, means bed/couch punctuated by 10 minutes up to do things around the house here and there.
Since when: 8/21
Reason: Irritable Uterus and daily, strong and regular contractions which seem to be brought on by activity.Name: Meg1031 (Megan)
EDD: October 31st, 2009
Type of BR:  Between modified to semi strict- I spend most of the day reclined in my recliner, lie down in bed once or twice a day for a bit, can go potty, shower daily (although that takes a lot out of me so I only do it every other day), and avoid going downstairs for anything.
Since when: 28 wks 4 days-Spent 5 1/2 days in hospital first
Reason: I went to local hospital with a "gut feeling" and a few more contractions than I had been having along with an aching like cramps and rectal pressure.  I had contractions every 4 minutes and a positive FFn with cervical shortening and funneling with some dilation.  Got transported to "mothership" hospital an hour away.  They switched the Mag to Nifedipine which I am tolerating "ok"- but still get really dizzy and weak a few times a day though BP is great- and the hot flashes are intense.  Got the betamethasone.Name: FutureMrsPrestwood (Heather)
 October 10th (although dr. is saying now she won't let us go past 37 weeks so now its looking like we will have a September baby!)
Modified: no going out except for weekly hospital visits for NST and blood work and then another weekly visit with my OB. I'm allowed to "piddle" around the house (dr's words, not mine!) but am basically staying on the couch, off my feet 90% of my day.
 Elevated BP now has me diagnosed with gestational pre-hypertension. So far we are maintaing at an elevated (but not normal) BP with the hopes that it will not go up and we won't have to have strict bed rest or be admitted to the hospital.Name: Karmanmsw (Karman)
EDD: Oct. 23, 2009 
Type of BR:  Modified, I can go the bathroom and take a 10 min shower once a day, and I can drive myself to the doctor once a week:)
Since when: 7/28/09
Reason:  I had pre-eclampsia with my first two pregnancies as well as post partum pre-e with my second.  My blood pressure started rising at 27 weeks so I was put on bedrest!  Our goal is to get to 34 weeks and then hopefully 37. Caitlin &Sean (Kate)
Oct 31st ( wont make it that far C-secion @ 37 weeks)
Type of bed rest  
Modified due to a Complete Placenta Previa with Light spotting @ 24 weeks. I can shower for 10 min each day and drive myself to the doctor 1x per week. Also diagnoised with borderline GD two weeks ago #s controlled by diet so far.
Since when
Name: brettszy (Brett)
EDD: Nov. 14th
Type of BR:  Strict, bathroom privileges, shower every few days
Since when: modified beginning Jun 15th (18 weeks)  strict starting July 13th (22 weeks)
Reason: Previous pre-term labor and delivery - had my son at 31 weeks, short cervix - has been as short as 0.97, current PTLName: egankn (Kelly)
EDD:  October 10th
Type of BR: Modified
Since when: 33.5 Weeks
Reason: High BP, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision (but so far not high protein in the urine)Name: 2soontob3jsmomma 
EDD: December 6
Type of Bedrest: Strict until delivery
Since when: Sept. 2 ------- 26 weeks and 3 days
Reason: pregnancy induced hypertension and hyperglycemiaName: Felisha (fisha25)
EDD: 2/03/2010
Type of BR: Strict. Shower, bathroom, food, then back to bed.
Since when:  7/21/09 at 12 weeks 
  Subchorionic hematoma found under my placenta at 7weeks. I bleed almost every day, normally fresh blood, but the clot isn't getting any smaller-only bigger. Dr. seems worried placenta abruption may be inevitable.  Name: Kristy (go dux)
EDD: 10/16/09
Type of BR: Modified bedrest
Since when:  9/4/09
Reason: Went into L&D after having continuous contractions while at work.  Contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes, not stopping after 2 doses of trebutaline (sp?) and another type of medicine.Name: Amanda (allinduetime)
EDD: 11/19/2009
Type of BR:
  twin pregnancy and + FFN.  went into L&D with contractions every 3-5 mins apart, gave two doses of brethine which knocked them out.  sent up to floor for observation but 24 hours later contractions returned, so was kept another 48 hours and d/c home on bedrest and procardia.Name: lowhedges Lydia, EXPECTING TRIPLETS!!!!EDD: ?Type of BR: ?Since when: 9/2
Reason: shortening cervix.  I've been lurking as I was placed on b/r at 22 weeks for 1 week and then allowed to return to work for 2 weeks. Name: kittenxkisses(Shea)
Just released from hosp. sent home on strict BR with bathroom priv. & shower privleges EOD.
Since When: 
8/26 at 32 weeks
: Was in hospital for 2 weeks for PTL, shortening cervix, dilated to 1.5-2, + FFN. Put on magnesium for 2 days and got Steroid shots. Then got off mag and on trbutaline every 4 hours.Name: Events by Shelly (Shelly)
EDD: 11/08 (Induction scheduled for 10/26...most likely will deliver between 10/8-10/15)
Modified BR, Allowed 15 mins of "up" time for every hour awake. all "up" time must be followed by 15 mins of horizontal rest. Strict Pelvic Rest. 1 round trip upstairs/downstairs, Can drive myself to pick up DD from school once daily (DH has to take her) and can drive to dr appts only.
Since When: 9/10

: Previous history of PTL, delivered DD at 34wks 5 days. Admitted to hospital on 9/8 for Contractions, dilated to 2, thinning of cervical wall, baby is head down & engaged, regular contractions at 3 mins apart. was in hospital for 1 day for monitoring, given Terbutaline to stop contractions and sent home on BR. Must go back to dr. twice weekly for monitoring, sono, FFN (weekly). Fingers crossed we make it to 35 weeks!!Name: kiki408 - Kendra
EDD: 12/18, although we're just hoping to make it to November at this point.
Type: Strict hospital bedrest until 28 weeks (2more weeks)
Since When: 24 weeks ( I went home for a week, but was re-admitted)
Reason: Shortening cervix . 1.3 or so at the last measurement. No contractions; being monitored for the next few weeks, though.Name: ewhite508 (Emily)
EDD: November 22, 2009
Type of BR:  Modified: House arrest, stay down stairs and keep my butt on the couch with my legs up or I'm grounded. Can go to Dr for appointments, but they send the visiting nurses to me. 
Since when: 23w2d -- July 7th
Reason: Preterm labor and perpetual dehydration due to hyperemesis gravidarum.Name: Erin (erinb31)
Type of BR: Strict (up to use bathroom, get water, and shower-- taken to doctor's appointments)
Since when: 9/9/09 (33 weeks)
Reason: PT Labor: slight pink spotting, 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced, contractions (still having them 6-20 min. apart at home), positive fetal fibronectinName: luckywifey77 (Janessa) 
EDD: November 4, 2009
Type of BR: Strict-only up to use the bathroom
Since when: 27 weeks (8/12)
Reason: Went in for an ultrasound and the doctor decided to check me b/c I was having a contraction while she was checking the fundal height and I was dilated to a 1.Name: Etude de la vie
Type of BR: Strict ( bathroom, get water, and shower)
Since when: 9/08/09 (31 weeks)
Reason: Pre-term Labor symptoms currently on procardia Name: Brooke 208 (Brooke)
Type of BR:  Strict for now, bathroom privileges and shower.
Since when: 9/7
Reason: I was having horrible leg pain and they kept diagnosing me with round ligament pain.  They finally did an ultrasound on my legs and discovered a blood clot that reaches from at least my groin to my knee, but could go higher.  They want to do surgery but can't because of the baby, they also cannot put a filter in either.  We're taking it one day at a time, and I am on 100mg of Lovenox twice a day until I deliver. Name: BrinaBfly (Sabrina)
EDD: 11/20/09
Type of BR: Modified, almost like Light Duty. I can shower, use the restroom, be up for no more than 30 minutes at a time, do light household chores like dust, and small loads of laundry.
Since when: 8/28/09
Reason: Bicornuate uterus and previous m/c. Since we are not sure how far my uterus will give we are taking precautions. Had to add GD to the mix a few weeks ago, joy.Name: megan
EDD:  November 24th
Type of BR: modified, according to my dr, although I'm not quite sure where that falls...she said she basically wants me to be REALLY bored.  lots of reclining, short "errands" around the house (quick meals, etc.), leaving the house for the dr., childbirth classes...
Since when: September 10th, 29 wks2 days
Reason: was admitted to L & D on 9/10 with Braxton Hicks coming every 5 minutes.  Got a negative fFn test, urine showed ketones (lack of calories/dehydrated), and transvaginal u/s showed cervical funneling (dilation towards the uterus) although the external cervix is closed tightly, with 2cm of length.Name:  MelissaEDD:  January 1, 2010Type of BR:  Modified.  I am under semi-house arrest and am supposed to sit or lay down most of the day.  However, I can move around the house at will.  I am not allowed to care for my 19 month old daughter by myself.  :(    On the brighter side, I am allowed 1 or 2 weekly excursions so long as I don't walk any sizable distance and sit down while out.  Since when:  Early JulyReason:  My daughter (and only child) was born at 30.5 weeks.  The doctors suspect either a weak cervix or PTL (but maybe just stress and working too hard?).  I had a normal pregnancy until 26 weeks when I had a tiny bit of spotting.  That's when we discovered that I was 1.5 cm dilated and that my amniotic sac was "bulging" through the opening in my cervix.  I was hospitalized for 4 weeks before I delivered.  (That was strict bed rest laying upside down in a hospital bed.  I was only allowed out of bed for a shower every 3rd day...  and yes, that meant bedpans for a MONTH).  Thank goodness, those 4 weeks worked a miracle and my daughter didn't even need breathing treatments after her birth.  We were incredibly lucky.  This time around the doctors are taking every possible precaution, since we don't know what happened last time.  I had a cerclage at 14 weeks, started progesterone shots at 17 weeks, and I've been on modified bed rest since July.  So far, everything looks good...so we our keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to make it all the way this time.  Only 1 more week until the point I was hospitalized during my last pregnancy.Name: j.h.mommy (Jennifer) 
: 11/16/09 (adjusted dd for twins), 12/7/09 (40 week dd) 
Type of BR: strict,but at home. I can shower quickly, and get up to the bathroom and that's it. 
Since when
: Modified started around 8/3 and Strict started 9/10Reason: Twin pregnancy with bicornuate uterus and cervical funneling. Having issues with ptl.Name: Betsy
EDD:  October 25, 2009 but they aren't letting me go past 37 weeks.
Type of BR: Strict bed rest. Only allowed up to go to the bathroom and allowed one 5 minute shower a day. Nothing else. 
Since when: 34 weeks.
Reason: Preeclampsia and a headache that won't ease up. It's made me a ticking time bomb. So I'm on strict bed rest in hopes they can get me to 37 weeks so Ellies lungs have a chance to finish developing. Name: susanlovestexas (Susan) 
EDD: January 22, 2010 (will be induced at 38 wks, around 01/08/09)
Type of BR:  Modified for the first 3 wks, then upgradede to strict - only up to use the bathroom
Since when: 20 weeks (09/05/09)
Reason: Woke up in the middle of the night covered in blood.  Found out the bleeding was due to low lying placenta in combination with the Lovenox I take for Factor V Leiden.  Placenta has moved up a little, but the spotting won't stop.  Recently found abnormal cells on my cervix and am scheduled for a cervical biopsy Wednesday (09/30).  Nervous about having a piece of my cervix sliced off, when it's already been bleeding for a month and I am on blood thinners.

Re: ~~Bed Rest Mama's Wednesday Check in~~

  • Ok- my computer, or the Bump, is possessed.  I cannot get the text size on this post to change, it got all weird.  Sorry :(


    UPDATE:  I had appt yesterday- and BP is not behaving very well.  This boggles me.  IT has been fine the whole time, and now it decides to be problematic.  Ugh.  Luckily, no other signs of Pre-e- but the 24 hour urine won't be back for a couple of days.  

    I am 3+cm and 75% effaced.  Since yesterday at 2:30 pm, I have been having contractions and cramps on and off.  Nothing patterned enough to send me to L&D, but it's still there.

    I have gained yet another chunk of weight.  This is disturbing me too.  I hadn't actually gained any at all the whole time (I am overweight already, so didn't really need to gain much if any).  So now, I have gained almost 10 lbs.  I feel ginormous.  Oh, well.

    Baby keeps moving her head and I can feel it on my cervix, she is trying to bust out like her big sister did.  I figure once I stop meds on Friday night, I will be in labor before the weekend is over.


    QOTD:  The one baby item I cannot live without is actually something she won't use until she is eating solids.  But, it is a Baby Bjorn bib- made of a silicone with a little pouch on it, works great!!  Cleans well.

    As far as stuff for an infant- I like a huge variety of blankets, and must have them in each car, in the living room, and her room.  I also have a passion for cute booties, although they aren't necessary, they are really cute!!  

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  • Can't update much at the moment. Have doctor's appointment today at 3. We'll see if they let me go or induce me. It all depends on what my lab and urine results say. I still have my headache and I'm sure my bp is still up. 

    I'd have to say my boppy or my bumbo. I think both are god's gift to mothers. 

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  • I have been off of bed rest for 3 days and off of my meds since last night at 9. I had a doc apt. today and I am 4cm 80% & -1. I  think she will be her very soon!

    QOTD: I could not live with out my boppyYes

  • Thanks for doing the update today!  I am being induced friday or I would have stepped up!

    Update:  Enjoying my last two days of bedrest!  Can't believe I am going to have a baby in a few days!!!

    I could not live without a great swaddle blanket!  Swaddling is such an awesome thing!  With both my kiddos it worked like a charm!  I also found my infant swing to be invaluable!!!! Hopefully the third baby will love it too!

  • Update:  I had my cervical biopsy today.  From what he could tell, it didn't look cancerous, but it will take a few days for an official report.  It didn't hurt too much and he put some gooey stuff that looked like peanut butter on it to make the blood clot immediately.  Baby looked good as always!

    QOTD:  I have to agree with PP and say boppy.  Also, the swing was a big hit with my DD as well.  It was the only guaranteed place she would sleep during the day!

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  • No update for me! Just resting and trying not to think about the big move this weekend. I am feeling very out of control that I can't help in anyway or unpack and put my stuff where I think things should go. I just have to trust DH and family. 

    QOTD: This is my first but I am thinking the swing will be a big hit, or the pacifiers. Every ultrasound this baby has been sucking on her hand/thumb/foot and even the doctor suggested I stock up because she may have a really strong sucking reflex.   

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