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Do you carry your breast pump back and forth every day or leave it at the office?
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Re: Working moms

  • I pump in the morning, too, so I lug it back and forth.  I'm seriously thinking about buying another one.  It's a lot of money, but I'll be using it for 9 more might be worth it.
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    I pump in the morning, too, so I lug it back and forth. 
    me too.
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  •  I leave it at the office, but that came back to bite me last week when I was home sick and had to use my manual pump for 2 days straight (DS still went to daycare).


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  • I pump in the morning at home and in the evening at home so my pump travels with me. I'm glad I got the PISA shoulder bag for that reason (all my parts fit inside the bag).
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  • I was lugging it back and forth but luckily a friend of mine loaned me her PISA motor so I just have to bring everything else.
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  • I am still lugging back and forth but I might consider leaving it at work during the week.  I rarely pump in the evening anymore.

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  • I take it back and forth b/c I pump in the morning and sometimes at night.  I have the freestyle and it fits just fine in my purse, no separate bag needed.  I do carry an insulated bag for the bottles and pump parts.
  • For the first several months I had to pump at night to get enough milk so I lugged it back and forth daily.  Around 7 or 8 months he was eating enough solids that I could keep up with pumping just during the day so now I leave it at work Mon-Fri and only bring it home on the weekends.
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  • I bring mine back and forth
  • Back and forth.  I have the Medela backpack and just it up at night with my bottles for the next day and shields.  I figured I'm either carrying the backpack back and forth or the cooler bag with bottles so why not just make it easy and put everything in the backpack.
  • I own 2 pumps (Ameday PY and Lansinoh) so I could leave one at work and one at home.  This allowed me to pump before I left for work and also at night before bed since I was making extra to feed my DD after she came home (we adopted).  I kept forgetting pump parts by lugging it back and forth.
  • Back and forth in the beginning. Now I leave it at work. I do have a 'back up' pump at home that was a friends. I don't like it for daily use but in a pinch (like yesterday when I was home sick) it's great.


  • I also have the Lansinoh and the Ameda PY, and I leave one at the office and have one at home.  I ordered multiple sets of flanges as well so that i didn't have to continuously wash them and rotate them out.  I'm spoiled, but it is so, so much easier!! :)
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