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Should we do more bottles?

Last week I went out and DH gave DS his first bottle of EBM, it went pretty well once they got the hang of it. I'm going back to work at 3 months so we need him to learn the bottle too. The bottle was 3 &1/2 ozs and DS was hungry again when I got home, about an hour and a half later. I figured it was because he spit some of it out leaning the bottle nipple. Last night DH gave him another bottle, this one was 4 ozs so I could see how much was left over to get a better idea of how much he needs and he ate the whole thing! Then he kept rooting and fussing until I put him on my breast, he only ate at the breast for two or three minutes but I was shocked he could keep eating. He eats between 8 & 10 times a day so 4 ozs in the bottle seemed like a lot. Was getting on the breast just a comfort thing do you think? Do we need to do more bottles so he doesn't want the breast after?

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Re: Should we do more bottles?

  • My DS always wants the boob after a bottle. It's just comfort sucking though. You'll be able to feel the difference between actually sucking (long and deep sucks) and comfort sucking (short and shallow, light sucks). You might try using a paci after the bottle instead.

    He won't take a paci, so I understand that he needs a way to calm himself down. Usually I don't mind the comfort sucking.

    We used one bottle a day to get DS used to bottles before I went back to work. Now he'll take either bottle or boob without a problem.

  • There is an article on on how to bottlefeed a breastfed baby - esentially taking your time to make the bottle last as long as a breastfeeding session would take.  That may help him realize his satiation earlier?  I followed this and still was shocked that my LO could down 5 oz at 7 weeks, but he is a chunky monkey.  I don't think he always eats 5 oz when he is at the breast though.
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