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Reston vs. Fair Oaks Hospital

Anyone have any advice which hospital I should choose to deliver? I've heard good things about both. Any help/advice is welcome! TIA!!

Re: Reston vs. Fair Oaks Hospital

  • I don't know about fair Oaks...but I delivered my 1st baby at Reston and will deliver there again with this baby. I had a great exp at Reston. L&D my nurse was AWESOME!!!! All postpartum rooms are private. Food was decent. I believe that they have Wi-fi...but I never used my computer so i can't speak to the quality of it.
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  • From what I've heard, these 2 hospitals are very similar - I am pretty sure they both have private rooms and a smaller, more personal feel to their Maternity wards.  We delivered at Reston for DD#1 and will this time around too.  We loved it.  They practically had to kick us out.  The nurses were nice, they had LCs available and I got a massage my last day there for free. 

  • I delivered DD at Fair Oaks and #2 will also be delivered there.  It was a GREAT experience.  All of the rooms are private and mine was HUGE.  The L&D room was nice and my nurse was awesome.

    It sounds like you can't go wrong at either place.  Which one is closer to you?  I think that's how I'd base my decision ;)

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  • Ditto everyone else.  I delivered at Reston but have heard Fair Oaks is similar (private rooms, smaller hospital).  I had a great experience with Reston. 
  • I live in between both hospitals and plan to go to Fair Oaks..mostly because that is where my OBGYN delivers. ?I spent a lot of time there last summer with a friend who gave birth and whose baby ended up in the NICU for a few weeks. ?The nursing staff have been wonderful and everyone seems so nice! ?


  • LOVED my delivery at Reston! The entire staff there was amazing and the free postpartum massage was nice too.
  • Loved Reston hospital.  I had complications and they did a great job.
  • Delivered at Fair Oaks and went well.
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