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Dr. who favors Natural Childbirth in Dallas?

Hello, I am currently TTC, but am not a huge fan of my OBGYN.  She doesn't talk much (meaning explaining ANYTHING to me).  I like that she is all business in some ways, but really want a Dr. who is going to include me in decision making and talk to me about what is going on with my body.

I really want to do a natural childbirth (no drugs), and I am considering going to a Birthing Center in Dallas once pregnant.  However, I am a little worried about the financial burden IF there are  difficulties and then being transferred to a hospital.   It would basically mean we have 2 bills rather than one! 

 Just wondered if there are ANY doctors (prefer Baylor or Presby in Dallas) who actually encourage natural childbirth, movement in labor, water birth, etc.  Anyone found one they highly recommend?

Re: Dr. who favors Natural Childbirth in Dallas?

  • i highly recommend Cherie at the Birth & Womens Center on Swiss Ave.  She has been a midwife since the dawn of time, lol.  SHe delivered my friend and all of her sisters and delivered my friends' children as well.  She is amazing.  We ended up having to transfer to Baylor for an emergency c/s and without Cherie's knowledge and know how i know that we would have lost our son.  We love Cherie.  Oh and she works with 2 doctors in Baylor very closely (Dr. Graham is one of those doctors), so if you really want to stick to a Dr. maybe you could look her up?  But honestly if i *could* go to the birth center i would for our next child, we were that impressed
  • Can I ask you what your insurance covered when you transferred?  Did it cover a percentage of the Birthing center and Baylor? Or did they only cover the hospital?   That's what I am most worried about is that we will only be able to file for one, and then have to pay out of pocket for the other.  What was your experience?
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  • I was wondering the same thing. How does the whole transfer process work?
  • We have BCBS, they paid for the Birth Center AND the hospital, however i did have to spend a while on the phone explaining that it was the same pregnancy/birth.  The really good part about the Birth Center is it is cheap! lol  I think it's something like $4k total and Jenni at the Birth Center handled all of the ins stuff and we paid the balance over time.  Their cost includes everything, prenatal visits and the actual birth.  Since we had to go to Baylor our MW essentially became our doula, although really she just comforted DH (i was put under for the c/s).  I think the ins just viewed it as any other emergency situation because i really didn't have too much trouble, my major complaint is how the billing is done at the hospital more than anything, lol.  The second DS was born he started incurring debt, lol.  The hospital billed our ins seperately for each of us and they have seperate billing depts for mom and child, very annoying when you think somthing is cleared up in regards to medical bills only to find out that it's only cleared for DS and not for me or vice versa.  However, our ins was kinda messed up and a special circumstance (i worked for DH up until the baby was born, had a seperate ins policy, but then went under DH's policy after the baby and it was super confusing to the billing dept at the hospital AND the ins company, lol)  SOrry for the novel!
  • just want to second all of ibflorida's post!

    we had our DD at the birth center w/cherie. she was born at the birth center, but then had to be transferred to baylor following for a 24-hour observation. the billing and insurance stuff is complicated and crappy no matter where or with whom you have a baby. i don't think our experience was any worse for having had 2 facilities involved.

    and the birth center on swiss is fabulous! cannot say enough good things. the entire staff and both midwives are just wonderful.

  • Thanks so much for this info ladies!  I definitely think we are leaning towards the birthing center.  I assume they can also help us figure out (budget) for what our insurance will and won't cover with different scenarios.  But thanks for the great info!
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