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New here.... spinal tap in 7 wk old?

Hi ladies, we are going thru testing for my DS who shows signs of hypertonia (increased muscle tone) and myoclonus (jerking, spasms). We've already done bloodwork and EEG, which were normal, but the next steps are MRI and spinal tap. Both of which he will be put under for. He is only 7 weeks old and weighs 8.5 pounds, and I am freaking! First, about the anesthesia, and second about the spinal tap. Has anyone else gone through this?

 There are so many things that this could be, but they are thinking a neuromuscular disease at worst, or a very very severe case of reflux. If reflux, it's the worst the neuro has ever seen, so he is thinking disease. We get the MRI and spinal tap done next week, and I'm unsure about how to react. Shoud I be concerned about the spinal tap? Shoud I get a second opinion before doing it, or should I just be confident in our neuro and let him go ahead as planned? I know you all can't make my decision, but I don't know what to do-- I can't hardly think straight enough to rinse the shampoo out of my hair before getting out of the shower. (Yeah, I did that last night.)

Sorry for the vent..... has anyone been through this? How did it go?

Re: New here.... spinal tap in 7 wk old?

  • My DS had both when he was just a few days old and it went fine. He wasn't sedated for the spinal tap but was for the MRI.  As for second opinions that's a tough one.  My son went right from my room as a "normal" baby to the NICU because of seizures so we really didn't have a choice, just needed to figure out what was happening.  I think the sooner you figure out what's going on is the sooner you can deal with it and things may be a little easier (just having an answer was amazing for us after dealing with so many what if's).

    GL with your son and keep us posted!

  • same as the PP.  my son had the spinal tap done at 4 days old and an MRI around that time too.  he didn't need anesthesia for the MRI though.  spinal tap is par for the course it seems to rule out any infection when there are questions.

     best of luck!

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  • I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this. I hope for the best and good luck
  • My DD had had a spinal tap done the day she was born.  I had infection and they were trying to see if she had it as well.  Of course I was nervous as heck but all went well.  My twins were born a month early and my daughter was 5.12 lbs, tiny.  My son has had a MRI b/c he has epilepsy.  He was sedated for it as well.  It was really quick!  He was sedated for maybe 20 minutes.  He was 7 months old when that was done.  I know how difficult it can it be to have these tests done on out little helpless babies.  Good luck!
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