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Heterotaxy/spleen absence

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this.

We just had a level II U/S done because at our anatomy scan, the tech noticed the stomach was not positioned correctly, and now with this 2nd scan, they could not locate the spleen.

We were told that it may be just too small to locate, and the peri wants me to go back in 3 weeks to have a repeat level II.  I've been googling some this morning, but wanted to see if anyone had any knowledge/experience of this in real life.

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Re: Heterotaxy/spleen absence

  • I don't have any knowledge about this being found in a newborn or anything, but my brother did have has spleen removed when he was young (maybe 3 or 4) and he just had to take penicillin until he was 16 & he's perfectly healthy at 33 now.  Hope its just hiding & you can see it on the second U/S!  Best wishes.
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