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For GD moms who've delivered

If any of you are around ... 

What is the procedure immediately after you deliver? I know they check LO's blood sugar a few times. Can he/she stay on your chest while you do that? I'm really keen to start breastfeeding right away and am hoping the boy won't be taken away from me for long. 

Any insights would be welcome -- thanks. 

Re: For GD moms who've delivered

  • When I had DD, they tested her in the nursery. Iam sure if you express your wishes, they might test him with you so can BF right after.


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  • I have no idea if they checked her BS right after birth - she had the cord around her neck and they wanted to give her some quick oxygen while they cleaned her up (which took less than 5 minutes and then she was on me to breastfeed).

    For the next 24 hours they would randomly come in and test her in our room (our hospital rooms-in). After 24 hours & four clean numbers, no more testing.

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  • My personal experience was a c-section, so not helpful... They took LO to the nursery and tested her there, she had low BS so they gave her formula before I was even out of surgery :( 


    In my experience on L&D, they just do a quick heel stick-- it literally is just like doing a finger stick on you- takes almost no time.  As long as it is ok, your LO should be back to you in no time!

  • thanks for the info, i was going to post the same question.  I just wrote a note in my birth plan to share with the nurses, and hopefully they will respect my wishes.  I'm hoping they don't have to give my baby formula or sugar water either (because of BFing) but I just wrote 'please don't do this unless it's a medical necessity' and hoped that would cover it...LOL

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