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Crib success!!

Last night Ada slept in her crib from 8pm until 5am. Woo-hooo!!!

She has been sleeping all the night long in her swing (the girl loves motion). We have been making half-hearted attempts at trying her in the crib for naps but they have been such short naps. The nanny told me a story about a baby shimmying right out of the swing and onto the floor in the middle of the night! Because she has to be swaddled we can't strap her in. I knew I had to start taking this a little more seriously. We wrapped her tight with the Miracle Blanket and I got a sleep positioner just for the snugness around her body. Add some white noise and Voila! Sleeping baby.

Tonight we'll find out if that was a fluke or if we're truly on to something :)

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Re: Crib success!!

  • That's wonderful! I hope it keeps up!

    I found that white noise helps.  The "Sleep Sheep" my mom bought Aaron seems to work.

    Aaron likes the swing for short periods of time, but that's about it.  I considered getting the miracle blanket, but since he's been sleeping thus far without it?and he's so big?I thought why bother at this point. I hope I made the right decision.


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  • YAY ADA! Oh you've given me hope!

    Hey- and thanks for the story that your nanny told you. We don't strap him into the swing for the same reason (swaddle). I need to rethink that now. He usually only stays in there 20 minutes but I still need to consider it.

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  • Awesome! And ditto Robyn about the Sleep Sheep. We have the bear and the boy really seems to calm down with the, um, womb sounds. Only downside I've found is that it burns through batteries.

    Here's to hoping it wasn't a fluke!

  • We were gifted the DexBaby Sound Sleeper. I really like it very much. It plugs in so that is the one baby thing that doesn't use batteries!
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  • YAY!  congrats for Ada (and mom & dad) - hope you have a long night tonight!  Ditto on the strapping in the swing....LO was squirming around so much last time he almost fell right out!  needless to say, he's strapped in ALL the time now!  Stick out tongue
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