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Things I was looking forward to about being pregnant...

It seems everytime I turn around, I realize I'm missing out on some wonderful (or even not so wonderful) aspect of being pregnant. I realize I have to mourn not just the loss of our baby, but also the little changes to my body and my life that I'd been anticipating. Here are some of the things I was looking forward to. Maybe you want to add your own.

my skin clearing up

Baywatch breasts

my hair becoming lush and full and not falling out

stronger fingernails

heartburn (okay, it's not a positive but I was prepared with a Costco-sized bottle of Tums)

not feeling guilty about not joining the PTA

sending my husband out for Jack in the Box at 11:30 on Thursday nights

new clothes (even if they were going to be maternity, I love to shop)

getting all the baby clothes out and sorting them and washing them and putting them in little drawers




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Re: Things I was looking forward to about being pregnant...

  • I was looking forward to Christmas.  I would have been about 22 weeks pregnant then and probably starting to show (I am short, so I figured I'd show sooner).  I was also looking forward to turning our spare bedroom into a nursery.  I couldn't wait to start cleaning it up and picking out furniture and paint.  I was also looking forward to hanging up cute little baby outfits in the closet and just getting ready to bring home our baby. 

    I also work in the school system and was due May 3.  I was so excited to be able to stay home with our baby from May until mid August without missing more than four weeks of work.  The thought of putting a new baby in day care was so sad to me, I was thrilled the timing would work out so beautifully. 

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  • Feeling the baby kick for the first time!

     Being pregnant with a co-worker and talking about symptoms.

    Seeing the baby for the first time in an u/s.

    Giving my DS a little brother or sister....  :-( 

    DS - 9/12/08 9 lbs 22.5 in.

    Natural M/C 9/21/09 at 8w 1d baby measured 6w 3d

    DS2 - 7/13/10 10 lb 2.5 oz. 21.5 in

    DD1 - 9/21/12 9 lbs 4 oz. 22.5 in 

    Baby #4 due Spring of 2014!

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  • Experience being pregnant w/out the 24/7 morning sickness.

    Having "THE bump"?

    Being "the first" in my 'group' to get preg & have a baby, now they all seem to be pregnant...?

    Lost the baby at 11.5 weeks the week before Thanksgiving last year, we were going to announce at the big family Thanksgiving meal...no Thanksgiving announcement....


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