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Recommend your daycare...Medford area or downtown Boston





      I've only been searching for daycare's for 2 days but I'm already getting discouraged and worried.  We're looking mostly at family daycare places although I wouldn't mind a daycare facility.  We live in Medford, kind of in between Tufts and West Medford and my husband works near the aquarium downtown.  (I work in 3 locations so near my work won't help!)  Anyone have a provider they love in the area?  I don't mind if there are no openings, right now I'm trying to get on a bunch of waitlists to see what turns up.  Even if it's not super local to where we live, if there's parking and public transportation nearby, we'd consider it.


Thanks for any help out there!


Re: Recommend your daycare...Medford area or downtown Boston

  • We live in Medford - near Medford Square - and are using First Steps Learning as our daycare...we liked it the best out of all of the ones we looked at.  Jack hasn't started daycare yet since he is only 3 weeks old but we will be starting at the end of october.  We just really liked the atmosphere of the place...the director was friendly and the kids seemed really happy there plus they teach baby sign language which was something we wanted.

    We also looked at the Play Academy in Medford Square and thought it was a horrible place - my husband nicknamed it "Baby Gitmo" so if you haven't been there yet don't bother.



  • Thanks!  I'll give First Steps a call...
  • I go to first steps and we love it!! My son is so happy there, he has been going since he was 3 months old.  I highly recommend it!
  • Put in my deposit for First Steps.


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