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GD girls...maybe you can help?

I really wish I didnt feel so rushed at my visits. As per usual my office was running behind schedule. I went in at 315 for an nst, followed by a bpp. I was also supposed to see the doctor afterwards which didnt happen until about 445 and the office closes at 5.

Anyway...since Im already going to be 37 weeks this Friday I had asked the doc what the standard procedure was regarding GD deliveries. Do we wait til baby is ready or do they get baby out before due date? Well her response was that theyll do a test (that I didnt catch the name of since she said it so fast...but I *think* started with an "f") and that the test would involve sticking a needle in my stomach and withdrawing fluid to see if the baby would be mature to deliver and that he most likely would be out by 39 weeks.

I practically froze when she mentioned the needle in the belly test so of course...I couldnt even ask what exactly it was called so I can look into it further. I never got an amnio or cvs test done ever because I dont care how small of a risk it is, but I did not want to risk having a miscarriage after losing my other baby. Now this test has me freaking out. Do any of you know what this test is and what risks are involved?

I really wished I had just asked at the office, but again I felt rushed plus I practically froze there. Thanks in advance!

Re: GD girls...maybe you can help?

  • I have type 1 diabetes, but when I was pregnant with DS they did an amnio at 37 weeks (due to severe pre-e they induced me early).  I don't remember the technical name of what they were testing, but basically they were testing to make sure that the lungs were mature enough to deliver.  It sounds like that is what your dr was talking about.
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  • I don't understand why they would need to do an amnio after 37 weeks.  They don't do it for normal gals when they are delivering. 

    Um... as for me, I have GD and my doctor will induce as soon as I show favorable cervical progress.  Last week I was closed tight.  We'll see what happens this week.  But he said 38 and 39 weeks are fair game for induction - no testing required.

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  • My OB said yesterday that the lungs of babies of diabetic Mom's develop slower, so if they were inducing me (if he measures 7#+ at the 35/36w growth scan he'd likely be 9.5#+ at delivery - no thanks!! - in which case they'd induce me) they will do an amnio to check for lung development. If the test results show that the lungs are not fully developed they will give me steroids to help his lungs mature quicker.

    The amnio at that point is much lower risk than earlier in the pregnancy, yes a needle to your belly sounds scary but they do an ultrasound at the same time to be sure that the needle is going in to just fluid and not near baby.

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