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Your DH has two kids?! You only post about one...what's the story with the other one? You don't have to share if you don't want to. Your answer in another person's post took me by suprise when you said your DH had two kids from two previous marriages though..

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  • Beeroooooooooooooooh there must be a good story here....
  • Maybe, but I wasn't asking for a "good story." I'm honestly curious cuz I don't think she's mentioned another child before that post.

    Drew, I hope this doesn't cause drama for ya..

  • drewlily is a big girl..she can dish and she can take...I just want to know about the secret second SD!
  • LOL! DH does have two DD's both from different marriages. I only ever post about the youngest one, because her BM is the one always causing all the drama. SD1 lives in another state with her BM (who is awesome, btw!) and we only see her once or twice a year. SD2 lives with us 50% of the time.

    There is no 'good' story here or drama about the two, just more stuff happens with one SD because she lives us than the other SD. Plus I'm still getting to know SD1 because she doesn't live here, so while I'm building a relationship with her, we are definitely not as close as SD2 and I are.

  •   I expect more drama/theatrics/interesting stories out of BF

  • image Michael_Hunter:

      I expect more drama/theatrics/interesting stories out of BF

    I know! I knew the story of my 'secret' SD1 would not be as dramatic as one would expect on this board. LOL. Luckily (?) I have a crazy BM to deal with on a regular basis, so more theatrics and interesting stories to come very soon! Stick out tongue
  • Gotcha. How old is she?
  • image DREWLILY:
    SD1= 13; SD2= 6


    whoa.  how old is DH?

  • Are you his third wife, or wasn't he married to one or both of the other Moms?
  • He was married to both of them, the first one pretty soon after high school and years later SD2's BM after she said she was pregnant (oh and wasn't!)
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