Parenting after 35

Serves us right

for being so smug about how well the boy dealt with the shots.

The pedi's office was like a war zone yesterday with the vast majority of patients being sick. They have two different waiting rooms to keep the sick kids seperate from the healthy, had all the windows closed up between the two waiting rooms etc., but we were still surrounded by sick kids when we went back to our exam room. You could hear them, coughing and sneezing and wiping their noses on everything. 

Well, Mikey's got the sniffles. I spent all night asking DH and being paranoid, but now I know he's definitely snottier than usual. I heard BF'd babies tend not to get sick so often, so maybe I am still being paranoid. I don't know.

Grrrrr.... stupid school being back in session. 

Sorry for the vent. 

Re: Serves us right

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