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AW: Melts my heart!

Natalie now says "nigh nigh" and tonight we figured out she's saying "i lub bo".  OMG it melts my heart when I put her down to bed and she says "nigh nigh" after I say night, night and then "i lub bo" after I say "I love you". 
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Re: AW: Melts my heart!

  • So cute!! Tonight dd told dh that he was the best... it is so sweet when they say things like that! Makes it all worth it!
  • She is SO cute.  I think it's just adorable that she has to say 'Bye' to everyone - and that she makes it a point to stop by each and every person to say it.  She's so sweet!!
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  • She is sooo sweet! That must be the best thing to hear!
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  • So sweet! I can't wait for Holly to do that :-)

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  • aww. thats so sweet!! like Mrs M&M said... i love that she says bye to eveeryone!! i can't wait for jack to say nigh nigh or love you!
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  • aawww...she is too cute. 
  • That's so sweet!

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  • That was one of my favorite milestones. ?Just wait, her language will probably start to explode after this!
  • That is SO sweet!  I still can't get Eli to say I love you.  He can say everything under the sun, including his fairly decent attempt at Appalachian, but won't say I love you. :(

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  • OMG that is SO sweet!  I can't wait until Liam starts talking!
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