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Shots yesterday = Cranky lil man today

Finn had some of his two month shots yesterday. He was good with the shots and then slept most of the day. He had a bit of a temp last night. Today he is sooooo cranky, not sleeping well, wanting to eat constantly but once there doesn't really want to eat (ouch). He doesn't want to be asleep, he doesn't want to be awake. He is just kinda miserable and cry'y. I hope this passes soon. To make it worse, I have a very needy 2 year old that really wants Mommy today. It is so hard not to get frustrated with him and juggle the crankster, especially when he is being so sweet and wanting to play with me:( I need this day to end, I wish I could get more than 2 and a half hours of sleep in a row....
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Re: Shots yesterday = Cranky lil man today

  • How do you manage two little ones???  Youre doing a great job.  Hang in there, maybe tonight will be a totally different story.
  • I'm sorry Finn is feeling poopy. And I can't imagine dealing with that with two. If we're lucky enough to have another I think I'll need to send M to stay with his grandparents or something at times like this.

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