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Rotating shifts and BF

I go back to work a week from Friday =(

I'm worried about my milk supply dipping. Several friends told me their supply dipped when they went back to work. I'm nervous about it because I work mornings, evenings, and nights. My schedule of nursing and pumping will not be regular at all. Also, some shifts it's hard to find time to eat a snack, let alone pump.

Anyone have experience with this? The LC said to make sure I get in 7 nursing or pumping sessions in a 24 hour period and it should be ok. 

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Re: Rotating shifts and BF

  • I did not have any supply issues when I returned to work. I usually only have 15 minutes to pump and at first it was really stressing for me. I try to relax and drink lots of water, and it does seem to help.

    I would ensure you are nursing lots when you are with DD. The nursing sessions are much more effective at keeping your supply up than pumping.

    Good luck!

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  • Sorry bobs-I totally understand the lack of chances to get away and pump! It was really hard for me...not to mention my hospital doesn't have a pumping room. I'd used pt rooms, triage room, offices, shower-you get the picture. I work 11-11-which is pretty busy-so it was hard to get away. My supply was always kinda low, but when I went back to work-I felt the pressure to keep up with her feedings and it was stressful.

    What I did was tried to feed her right before I left for work, and try to pump as much as I could at work (which could be as little as 1x/12 hour shift-but aimed for 3x). Often I would eat my lunch and pump at the same time. And if you get off in time, feed her when you get home. It's tough but it can be done.  Good luck!!!

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