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21 hours of labour brought me my sweet girl

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Almost 2 weeks late but here it is...

On tues sept 15 I went to my 40 week apt and everything looked good except for my bp. My whole pregnancy I didnt have any issues with this so it was a big shock. I was running anywhere between 160/100 to 150/98..so it was pretty high. My doc wanted to get me in the next day/evening to start an induction. He pretty much told me to go home and lay down and dont get up unless I had to go to the bathroom. So thats what I did. So about 1pm I started getting a headache, didnt think anything about it and took some tylenol and rested. Around 8pm I realized that my headache got worse and took more and told myself that if it?s not better in an hour I was going to call the doctor. Well it didn?t get better after the tylenol or food so called in. the on call doc told me t come in and they would start the induction tonight and monitor my bp...When I got there my BP was even higher than what it was at my apt. I don?t remember now what is was but it got things moving. about midnight they started me on pitocin and I started having contractions about an hour after that and my 7 am I was so tired and my head hurt soo bad and the only pain meds I could have was stadol or tylenol..Well I took the stadol in hopes that I would get some sleep...I?ve never felt so drunk in my life that was quite an experience to say the least. I slept a few hours and when I woke up my contractions were getting stronger and stronger but nothing I couldn?t handle. I even said to myself that if this is how its going to be the whole time I could go without the epi...ya right I was kidding myself. Around 930 my doctor came in to break my water and when he did we found out that our lil princess had decided to poop in her water. I was devastated knowing the risks of what could happen. I was so scared. and because of that he decided to put the internal monitors in. they said because the pit was so high and my contrax were all over the place they couldn?t see babys heart rate well enough (she kept slipping off the external monitor). That was one of the things i did not want to happen but at this point whatever was best for her. Once my water was broke the contractions were so strong I couldn?t talk during them and couldn?t get comfortable so I decided to sit on a labor ball...wow!!! It felt so good to rock them out. I sat there for an hour before I realized if I didn?t get the epi then I wouldn?t be able to sit still for the anesthesiologist  so I told the nurse and he was there with my epi in less than a half hour. Getting it wasn?t as bad as I thought but I?m not gonna lie it freaking HURT! Once I got it though I felt soo much better. I was able to sleep and visit with family and enjoy the experience. At about 8pm there was a small window where the epi stopped working. It was pure hell. I couldn?t move and I was the annoying lady down the hall who was screaming bloody murder. They had to redose me and it only worked for 10 mins then wore off. They redosed me again still didn?t worked.then the nurse came in and saw how much pain I was in and got a different anesthesiologist who came with miracle serum I swear!! It got so bad that my dad had to walk out of the room, but my hubbs and mom stayed with me. If it wasn?t for them I would have been climbing walls. Anyways now it about 930-945ish and I?m dilated to 9. I start laboring down and practice pushing with the nurse.I pushed for almost an hour and finally got the baby to crown, it was so funny because the nurse asked my husband if he wanted to see her head and he said ya and looked then asked me if I wanted to see I hesitated but said yes. So she brought the mirror over and I watched as I pushed and it was amazing seeing her head right there...anyways the funny part, when I seen more of her head I got so excited about having her in my arms I went into power pushing mode and completely got the whole top of her head out so fast the nurse freaked out and said wait wait wait we have to get the doctor dont push anymore...ahhh I wanted to soo bad. He finally got there and I swear the room transformed so fast it was unrecognizable. There was so many people in there, nurses and doctors from nicu for baby and a ton of nurses for me...anyways I pushed her out in 4 pushes and they rushed her over so fast...it was bittersweet because we didnt want her to cry because she would aspirate the meconium but we wanted to make sure she was ok..After they suctioned her she whaled it out just like her mama.as for me the doc said my ute stopped working because it had been working hard all day so he had to manually work the placenta out himself.that was worse than laboring all day and the birth itself. I dont wish that pain on anybody...I swear in those moments my epi stopped working all together but apparently it still was. I had a small abrasion on my labia and thats it thank god. I finally got to hold my baby a half hour after she was born and in that moment my whole life changed and it?s been amazing since then. I would do it a thousand times over if I had to.

So Adeline Fayeana Claire was born on wed sept 16 at 10:23pm at 7lbs 9oz and 21in long.

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Re: 21 hours of labour brought me my sweet girl

  • She is beautiful!!! Gorgeous eyes. Congratulations!
  • congrats! what a cutie!
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