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I am thinking about stockings for Christmas.  I was going to buy them last year, after Christmas, but didn't.  So I need to get some this year.  Ours are cheap, so we need new ones, as well as Allie.  Where are your stockings from?
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  • Ours are Pottery Barn quilted stockings. I got all mine from Ebay for much cheaper. They look like this:

    We have a santa, snowman, reindeer, and ballerina. 

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  • Pottery Barn -- got them during the after Christmas sale.
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  • pottery barn
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  • I love the PB ones, but haven't bought them yet. ?I wanted to wait until I knew we were done because I would be very irritated if they didn't have the kind I bought in stock in subsequent years and they wouldn't all match. ?I think I am going to get the PB ones after this holiday as I am nearly certain we are done and next year I anticipate Kylie really being excited about it.
  • WE are going to order the PB ones this year - I am also going to buy some "extras" for grandma and grandpa, that can be used for future kiddies when the time comes!
  • Check out Penneys once their cmas stuff is out. We ordered them embroidered and they are pretty big. Tim and I got ours years ago bf PB ever carried them I think so thats why we never looked there. Then when I looked for AT last year they had them again. So they all match.

    GL! The quality is just as good as PB IMO. Oh and they are prob half the price.

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