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Telling my staff today... gulp!

T minus 15 minutes until the meeting during which I will tell my staff that I'm pregnant! Yikes!!

I feel bad that I don't have all my plans for maternity leave laid out already. It is still a ways off, of course, but I know they will probably ask who their boss will be while I am out, and I don't have anything to tell them other than that I'm working on it. I hope that's good enough for now.

I wonder how everyone will take it. Three of them knew that we have been intending to have kids "eventually", but I think the other 7 won't be expecting it at all. (When I told the other managers in my department this morning, one woman almost literally fell out of her chair she was so surprised.) Wish me luck!

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Re: Telling my staff today... gulp!

  • good luck!!!!  Let us know how it goes!!!Smile
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  • Good luck!  I'm sure your staff will be very happy for you and probably so excited that they won't worry about maternity plans just yet.

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  • How did it go?


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  • I hope it went well!!!
  • Not only do I have to do all the cooking and cleaning and yard work, I am also picking up the slack in C?s posting duties Big Smile. (Truth be told, she is EXTREMELY busy here at work.)


    It went well for C, thank you for asking. All but one staff member seemed genuinely happy for her (she has quite a large staff). A few came by her office to express the extent of their joy. It has been kind of neat for me because some of her staff members have stopped me in the hall to congratulate me. One gentleman, who NEVER speaks to me, told me congratulations and that they will take care of C. He said the only thing they need to figure out is how to keep her from working so hard.


    All and all things went well. I was fortunate because she was with me when I told my branch?they all congratulated us both and were so great with her?they let her know if she needs anything to just ask.


    It was a WONDERFUL day!


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  • Wow!  That is so wonderful for both of you!  Keep it up.. I'm glad you two were able to get positive responses and congrats!  Wow.. Just good enough to bring those tears to my eyes just because I'm happy for you both! 

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