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TTC after 35


Holy cow, it's almost time for testing!

You'll be having a beta, right? Or will you POAS before that?

My fingers and toes are crossed for you and the Little Buffalonians.

Re: :::CHAR!:::

  • Butting in.... Im rooting for you too!  


  • I know...I am close to feaking out!

    My FIL is coming into town on Thursday for the Balloon Fiesta and I will be going out to dinner with him on Friday night...if this beta comes back negative it will be one long night! Luckily DH volunteers for the Fiesta and has to get up at 3:30 on Sat morning so hopefully that wll save me!...and dear FIL is not staying with us, so that's a bonus...not that I don't love him to pieces but I think the stress would be too much for me.

    I will not POAS...hopefully...I think because my beta is so early it would be too soon for a HPT...right??? talk me off this ledge

    Miles and Graham...our miracle twinkies!

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  • Don't test early! But holy cow I am excited for you.
  • Char, everyone on this board is rooting for you!!

    Good luck!!!!!  

    I think your beta is so early that POAS could just cause unnecessary panic. I think you should wait.


    I agree...wait for the beta.

  • Wait for that beta, Char.


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