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H1N1 Flu Shot

Are any of you getting it or giving it your LO? 
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Re: H1N1 Flu Shot

  • I'm not.  There's just not enough information.  I don't think they fully have a grasp on this H1N1 flu and the shots seemed like they were rushed.  I have yet to hear a final number on how many shots are needed for the LOs.  Last I heard it was 2 shots, but at one point they were thinking it could be 6!  I guess I'm also a little less worried about it since he's not in daycare and he's been so healthy so far <knock on wood>, even with me having a nasty cold twice now.


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  • I am not sure about this one for DD, DH or myself.
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  • No DH, DS and I are not going to be getting the H1N1 shot. There is just not enough information out and I don't feel like they know enough about it.
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  • I'm so glad to hear other people feel the same way I do. DS doesn't go to daycare, we have family watching him at home.  I do work in a school, and that's what makes me nervous. I just don't feel like they've done enough research!
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  • No.  I even asked my peditrician and she's not even giving it to her own DD which is the same age as mine.  She said she's comfortable about it.  Even the Pediatrics Assoc. that she's in isn't even on board with it yet.

    DD & myself will get the regular flu shot though.  We both got it last year and we'll do it again.


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  • Nope.  It just hasn't been around long enough for me to feel comfortable about it.  And all the research I've read is bad.  And we won't be getting the regular flu shot either.
  • I definitely am. Pregnant women are at an especially high risk for complications due to H1N1, and they made the vaccines the same way they make the annual flu shots which change every year depending on the most current strains. I'm also getting the regular flu shot. DH will be getting both as well since he has asthma and the flu can be deadly for him.
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  • We're all just getting the regular flu shot. 

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  • I plan on getting both, but my DH is in the medical field so he's more susceptible to all those germs out there.  Plus I move around to different client locations for my job.  I think it just depends on your situation, by DH told me I should get it since it's riskier for young people.
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