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Micropreemie in local news

Re: Micropreemie in local news

  • That's amazing that he was 2lbs!  Neat story.  Yes
  • My Stella was also 2 lbs at birth, at 29 weeks though!  That is IUGR for ya, folks!
  • I love that micros are in the news, but that article is full of misinformation. I hope they correct some of it.

    2lb is big for a 24weeker, though! I'm glad he seems to be doing okay.

  • 2LB! geeze. my little guy was 25w4d and was 1lb 7.6oz! atleast he had a little bit of meat on his bones!
  • I agree, my lo was 1 lb 7 oz at 28 weeks.  We're too familiar with IUGR!
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