F/U to Grim Question

We asked our SW about what would happen if a birthmom died in childbirth, and she's going to have to research the answer. They must have never had it happen. She did say that the birthmom signs relinquishment paperwork after the birth (whether that's 5 minutes or 2 hours or more afterward), so obviously this situation could be an issue. She said she would assume that they may have to deal with county child services.

I'll keep you posted.

Re: F/U to Grim Question

  • I'm a lurker here, but I do know of someone who had this happen to them. ?She and her husband had been matched for several months and traveled a few states away to be there for the birth. ?BM died shortly (maybe 12 or so hours) after birth, without signing anything, and then the BF decided to parent after much pressure from his family. ?So they drove all the way home empty handed.
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