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Juice for Constipation

DD never had pooping issues but the last couple of weeks she essentially stopped and went a week, had a massive poo and then repeat. She was in a lot of pain and very cranky. Our pedi told us to start giving her 2 - 3 oz of straight juice once a day till she became regular and then to wean her off of that. It sounded like a ton of juice to me but no matter what we try we can't get more than 1/2 - 1 oz in her and she fights in the whole way. It is like she can't swallow the juice and she coughs, chokes, spits up, etc. So frustrating. For anyone who uses juice, do you give it straight, mix in in with already prepared formula or use it in place of some of the water when mixing the formula. Our doc said it was best to give alone but after tonight (2 outfits for DD and 2 for me) I am ready to try something else.


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  • We gave DS 2oz. of prune juice straight.  He seemed to like it.  We also used water.  It has the same effect and maybe your DD will like it better.
  • We tried both apple and prune straight and both watered down. She hated both. Her issue seems to be with the consistency cause she just don't want to swallow. I am going to try 1oz mixed in with her formula in the morning. The pedi said it was fine, just that it might not work as well for the constipation. I am feeling myself getting very frustrated which I am sure DD is picking up on!
  • my pedi recommended 2-3 oz of pear juice.  I couldn't bear to give her that much & instead mixed 1 oz with 1 oz of breast milk.  I can't say that it really worked that well & she hated it too. :(  good luck!
  • We always used pear juice mixed with water.  We did half and half.  My ped said not to use apple.
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  • We use to mix it with DD's formula.  She never minded it.  If I did give her just juice I would mix it 1/2 and 1/2.  Becasue she had constant constipation issues she got juice 2 x a day.  I never weened her off it.  It just help keep her regular.
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