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Not BFR... Color schemes...

Hey ladies,

    As most of you know, Im currently not working while trying to kick this cancer in the butt (I'll find out in a few weeks if the chemo has worked, which *fingers crossed* it has!)  So I have some projects line up for my hubby to do (and me to help as much as possible!)  

    Our spare bedroom is very "country like"  Has a lot of light pinks, blues, etc.  I want to put but a Neu tree on one of the walls, but we figure that hopefully I will be pregnant in the next year to 18 months... I dont want to spend all that money with the tree and then have to paint over it.  So we want some kind of neutral colors that would go with a nursery and also go with now, country theme... 

     What are some nice colors for the walls/borders that you could think of? I was thinking a khaki color for the walls and a darker brown for the border/trim?

     Any ideas would be helpful! I'm not super creative... although this boredom that I have - Im trying!! Thanks :o)

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Re: Not BFR... Color schemes...

  • Good luck on finding out your results!

    I definitely agree with the khaki color. I would go with white trim (I think it looks good and it goes with the country theme), but you would know better since you have seen the room. Gotta picture of it?

  • White trim always looks cleanist when put against a warm color. I think khaki/white trim would be very nice looking.
  • Totally agree with Shorty.  I would go white trim, especially if it may be a nursery...will lighten it up a bit.  Then I would do dark espresso colored furniture in it -that would look amazing!  Sounds like fun!  I'm having the typical pregnant woman...not sure if I like the color we did the nursery in...phase right now.  It was much easier to decide pre-pregnancy!

    Hope you're feeling good!  You are always in my prayers!" "From of suffering emerges the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Kahlil Gibran
  • I'm keeping you in my thoughts. 
  • The white and khaki are nice.  How about a pale tangerine?  Some light yellows really warm up a room.
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