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IVF Care Package?

Hi all, I hope it's OK that I am posting here as I have not personally dealt with IF. 

My good friend is about to start her second IVF cycle.  Her first cycle was very tough and ended up being cancelled at the last minute, which was incredibly disappointing.  She's (understandably) extremely nervous to try again. 

I'd like to put together a little care package to help distract her and would love suggestions for what to include from those of you who have been there.  Comfy pajamas?  Magazines?  Food? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: IVF Care Package?

  • What an awesome friend you are!!! Since she will likely be on bedrest for a few days, a care package of goodies is such a nice idea. Here are some things I would love: magazines, maybe a book, snacks (salty, protein rich foods are good after egg retrieval), chocolate is always yummy too, maybe comfy/cute socks or slippers, lotion or foot cream, gatorade (also good after ER)...

    hmm, that's all I've got for now, but whatever you do, I know she will appreciate it!

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  • So very nice of you!  I think all your ideas are great.  I would send her anything that helps get her mind off of IF, so magazines, puzzles if she likes them, not sure if she is into crafts, but that is something I enjoyed to pass the time.  GL to your friend!
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  • I did that for my SIL last year after her m/c. I put chocolate, some chick flick dvds, some fun lip gloss and nail polish, baked some poppy seed bread, and some fresh sunflowers in a cute totebag. I think she really liked it and it helped to cheer her up. Oh also I put some inspirational quotes on cute pieces of paper in there.

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  • That is so sweet of you. All of your idea are great. I got them after I had dd but I loved getting comfy pajamas! This is kind of lame but I enjoy coloring books:)~ maybe a little restauruant gift card (no cooking no dishes), I like pps nail polish idea, that's all I have right now. She will love whatever you get her!
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  • I think all of the suggestions already mentioned are great.  A friend brought me several chick books (with no pregnancy or baby mentions) and those really helped to pass the time.  I also wanted to add I think you are a sweetheart for thinking of your friend and doing something nice for her.
  • All the ideas are great!  After having gone throughout it when a friend started in on IF treatments we did a "Happy Day Bag".  It had like 30 small treats; nail polish, new razors, favorite foods, favorite cake mix with double the icing, $5 giftcards etc individually wrapped.  The idea was that on any day she needed a bright spot she could open a gift.  A  group of 5 did the gifts giving her a great giggle at their contents.
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