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Seriously, BM?

We have had attendance issues in the past. We go in for a meeting with the school last week and while we're there, the secretary comes in saying that if SS doesn't have his physical done by today, he couldn't come to school. He missed school today. Awesome. I still don't know if it got done or not. And unfortunately, the principal told me "off the record" that if the attendance gets too poor that they can call CPS, but it was unlikely that anything would come of it. She mentioned this without me even bringing up CPS.

The meeting went really well, by the way. We are now on the same page as the teachers and principal as far as working with them at home and things they can look for in the classroom. They were also very open about if we ever needed to email or call them that it wasn't a problem. I am really excited!

Re: Seriously, BM?

  • And I just found out that she didn't call the school to let him know he would be absent.

    She has known that he needed the physical since last spring and waits until now to do it? Ugh.

    K. I'm done.

  • Can DH take SS to get his physical?
  • Not only can they notify CPS but in some states the parent can be jailed.  I would see if you can just take him to get his physical.  Alot of walk in places will do it if you can't get him into his normal doc.  Its unfortunate that you guys are in this situation, but you're not the only ones to ever go through it-you'll get through it and be stronger for having handled it together!" "From of suffering emerges the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Kahlil Gibran
  • She took him yesterday. I would have taken him over the summer if she hadn't said she had already taken care of it. We are concerned about an eye sight problem, that we figured would pop up on his physical. Over the summer, I asked BM if anything popped up and she said that everything was fine. So, would that have been the results from his fictional physical then?
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